Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is traditional and versatile fishing method, and it can be used to pursue almost any fish. The most common and pursued catch is the Finnish national fish specie perch. The most popular way to ice fish happens naturally on ice, but it is also possible to use ice fishing gear during open water season from a boat. Basic equipment for ice fisher is rod, line, lure, ice drill and a seat. Ice picks (and floating suit in some cases) increases safety on ice.

Ice fishing is possible almost everywhere as you have acquired the equipment mentioned above. Fish are usually pursued in rocks, around deeps, in straits, in grassy bays, and in river mouths. Ice fishing sonars can be used to find fish and to see their movement. Comfort while fishing can be increased with different ice fishing tents, that gives cover from weather.

Like in every other fishing method, pursued catch determines used equipment in ice fishing too. Small mormyskas are good in perch, roach, and whitefish fishing. Same species can also be caught with trace lure which is a vertical lure where are tied mormyska below. Colored hooks and chain lures can be used for perch too. Zander, pike, and larger perch are being pursued especially with balanced wobblers that imitates small fish. Zander and pike can be pursued with small spoon lures and chain lures.

Welcome to experience ice fishing with us!

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