G4 Fishing arranges guided fishing trips at fishy lakes and rivers in South-Karelia such as lake Suur-Saimaa and Vuoksi river. Our services consist of versatile active fishing methods all the way from pole fishing to jigging. Spinning at its every form is our passion.

Our speciality is fly fishing in running waters, and river Vuoksi which runs through Imatra city is excellent destination for this purpose. We also arrange guided fishing trips with spinning-suitable boat equipment in lake Suur-Saimaa and other lakes in the area. We use the latest technology in our boats to make sure a customer gets the best fishing experience as possible with us. We have suitable equipment and items for customers for fly fishing, jigging and pike spinning. In addition, we arrange fishing trips to smaller still water destinations with belly boats. In our fishing trips it is possible to eat lunch at the campfire and drink sooty coffee. If you wish, we are glad to arrange accommodation, dinner, or evening entertainment via our partners. Feel free to ask more!

Among the Finnish destinations we arrange all inclusive fishing trips to Italy and Slovenia to carefully selected fishing destinations.