Hi! Eemeli Oksiala here! I am a trained fishing guide and youth worker. I was born in 1993 and was the lastborn child in a family of fishermen. Like my father before me, I am at home in the wilderness and have had a love for fishing since I was a small child. Fishing and nature are more than a passion for me – they are my way of life.

I enjoy fishing during every season of the year, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. I constantly yearn to increase my knowledge about fish, fishing and how to better understand nature. To successfully learn how to catch fish is no linear task you can learn from a book; you need to try it yourself! I use modern technology when I fish, which I think is interesting and gives one a different perspective to fishing. I enjoy spending the night in nature and cooking delicious food from nature on the campfire. Nothing beats a leisurely camping trip!

As a youth worker I feel that I understand youths and their needs better. I want to offer youngsters the same opportunity to get acquainted with nature and fishing that my father offered me. Fishing and camping are excellent. if not the best, hobbies for children and youths in my opinion.

Fishing and camping in Finland’s clean nature are memorable ways to spend your free time. My expertise and knowledge is entirely at your disposal for you to get a good start at fishing, or to expand your previous knowledge.

We will take good care of you and ensure a safe experience with a professional guide. Nature belongs to us all and that is why I want to do this type of work!