Kalastusretket Joensuu offers fishing guide services and gear rental in North Karelia. Our trips are directed to several destinations in our local area and we can also include transportation and field meals in the prices. Our equipment for rent includes a motorboat in Koli, fishing kayaks and canoes, and fishing equipment.

The main office of Fishingis in Koli, where we also have a café serving visitors to Koli, Café Eväsretket. From Koli, we mainly operate in the lake Pielinen area of the Koli National Park, which offers excellent conditions for fishing, especially for zander, pike, and perch. There are cozy resting places on the ridge islands of the national park, where you can recharge your batteries by eating a lunch among fishing.

When fishing from a motorboat, we concentrate on angling and jigging, but trolling with a few rods is also possible and often very rewarding. From Koli we can also make trips to other destinations in the surrounding area on request, according to the wishes
of the customer. Rental kayaks are conveniently transported to, for example, Jero or Herajärvi, and the boat has often been transported to Höytiäinen.

In Lieksa, next to Patvinsuo, you will find our own fishing spot, lake Musta Mäntyjärvi. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, for example with your own
friend group or work group. We do not sell individual fishing permits for the lake, but the whole site is rented out to one group at a time.
You can catch intermediate fish on lake Musta Mäntyjärvi, but big perch and pike must always be released to continue the family. Fishing takes place
without a motor, using muscle power.

You can rent belly boats, fishing kayaks, rowing boats or canoes from us. There is also a rest area for our clients and catering services are also available on request.

In addition to the above mentioned destinations, we also organise fishing trips to other destinations from Joensuu and Koli. On our website you can find ready-made group trips for which you can sign up. We are also happy to arrange tailor-made trips according to your wishes, so please get in touch!