Läsäkoski, stream and rapids area on the Mäntyharju waterway between lake Kyyvesi and lake Puulavesi – home of a wild, furious, unyielding brown trout. Läsäkoski is one of Finland’s most famous fly-fishing rapids. The well-managed, strong fish stock and its large, powerful wild brown trout, as well as the beautiful diverse rapids area, provide a great environment for memorable experiences.

Läsäkoski Manor, in the beautiful rapids environment of southern Finland, is a world-class brown trout fishing destination. We accommodate groups in cosy, fully equipped cottages that cater to the needs of fishermen. Our services cover everything you need from a guiding to boats and proper equipment if needed. 

Fish have their favourite places in rivers and lakes and finding them in new areas can be challenging and time consuming. You can save time by using our guide services. Convinced of the right place, lure and fly, you can focus fully on the fishing itself. With the help of a guide, you will have a better chance of a memorable experience.

Casting, jig fishing and fly fishing on lakes but also on the river are popular methods when fishing for perch, zander and pike. A safe floating tube takes you closest possible to the watery element of the fish and places the boat can’t reach. You can also rent a motorboat for lake fishing. The larger boat is carried by a reliable, professional fishing guide. In addition to the guide, the boat can accommodate 2 fishermen and more, if necessary. 

With the guide, it’s nice to fish the “hot spots” on the lake while waiting for the sharp take of pike perch or pike. The boat is a Silver Hawk 540 equipped with a strong Mercury outboard motor and the latest live / sideview echo sounder technology to find fish.