Polar Lights Resort Ltd operates in Tervo by the phenomenal rivers Huuhtajankoski and Äyskoski designated for stream centered fisher. Between the Huuhtajankoski and Äyskoski is Koskilampi, which is paradise for spinning fisher. By next to us opens a lake Nilakka, which is versatile and rugged environment, known for its plentiful fish stocks.

We arrange guided fishing trips among the lake Nilakka and Koskilampi to lake Virmasvesi in Karttula, and to Northern Konnevesi and to lake Keitele. Starting point for those trips is either Karttula or Vesanto. We also arrange trolling trips, popular perch and zander jigging trips, and ice fishing trips in winters.

We are located by the Blue road, about one hour drive from Kuopio to the west. The unique nature of our area serves unforgettable experiences for visitors. That is something what many want to experience to counterbalance their hectic lifestyle. Silence of the area, versatility of the nature and the fauna, and different possibilities in the nature has been productized to year-round fishing trips, recreation trips, and adventure trips. In a later stage these products will be combined to versatile accommodation and wellness solutions and a unique theme park in the area.
There is 17 hectares of unequaled nature in Koskiniemi with beautiful beaches and rich fauna and birds. You can enjoy the nature by your own in there or get the catch of your life with help of our fishing guide. It is also possible to see different birds eg. osprey or sea eagle in their hunting trips.

Our nature and fishing guides are experts by both their education and via their experience (for instance double Finnish champions in spinning fishing). By our guided trips you don´t just attend to a trip but you get a versatile picture of areas nature and its fish stocks and fauna at the same time. You get also tips worth its weight in gold to handle the catch, living in harmony with the nature, and information for your possible later self-employed trips in the area.
We welcome you to be our guest in Polar Lights Resort!