We arrange jovial fishing trips with different fishing methods for different fish species in Kuopio. In the summers we move with a Sea Star 20 RS motorboat that has been registered for six customers. This sturdy boat is suitable for jigging, spinning, pike fly fishing, and trolling. It is equipped with Minn Kota -electric motor in front, three sonars, and fishing gear for different fishing methods.

In the lakes where we arrange trips are multiple lean-tos for use where we can have lunch breaks at the campfire. If we are in lake Melavesi, in the company´s home waters, it is possible to make a delicious dinner in summer kitchen or in open fire. It is also possible to go to our own lakeside sauna after the fishing trip. Fly fishing trips are also possible in rivers vicinity.

Sheltered lake Melavesi is ideal for lake adventures. Moving without motors is enjoyable with rowing boats, canoes and kayaks that can be rented from us.

In the winters there is a chance to go ice fishing, check a fishnet, or check the wire fish-trap in nearby lakes. In ice we are mowing by a snowmobile and a sleigh. We also have a towed ice fishing lodge that can be heated if the weather is cold and windy.

Among the fishing trips we arrange a tailored hunting trips in Finland.

Our guide is experienced wilderness and nature guide Marko Rautaparta.