Pole fishing

Pole fishing is by far the most popular fishing method in Finland. It is the easiest way to start fishing hobby and the simplest way to get catch by rod equipment. There are few different pole fishing styles: traditional pole fishing with telescope or wooden rod, bottom fishing, reel fishing and bait fishing. This post introduces the traditional pole fishing.

Almost every Finn has been pole fishing in some part of their life. Pole fishing is everyman´s right in Finland and it doesn´t require fishing permit per se. Pole fishing is possible way to fish almost everywhere and used equipment can be acquired inexpensively.

Among the perch cyprinids (eg. roach, bream, white bream, ide, rudd, bleak) are common catch via pole fishing. Cyprinids are easy to lure with feeding the fishing spot before and during fishing. Unfortunately, cyprinids are not appreciated enough even though you can make great food of them, and they offer exciting fishing experiences. Large tench, ide, crucian carp, carp and bream make a great opponent in the end of fishing rod. Catching these fish requires often feeding the fishing spot.

Part of the pole fishing is safe and right way to handle fishing rod and other equipment. Float needs to be weighted correctly, put a bait on a hook and adjust a place of a float to reach the right fishing depth. The catch must be handled with respect and care.

There are lots of rods available for pole fishing: from short to long, cheap to expensive, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Short and inexpensive 3- to 4-meter-long telescopic rod is good enough when catching smaller fish. If one is pursuing larger catch or want more sensitive fishing touch the rod should be a bit better.

Used line, float and hook should be proportioned to pursued catch. Monofil line (0,16-0,20mm thick) works greatly as a good general main line. If wire trace is used it should be a bit thinner monofil than the main line. Hooks should be chemically sharpened and thin bodied. Used bait is worm, caterpillar of fly or mayfly, canned corn, or ball of dough.

The best pole fishing spots are borders and interiors of vegetation, underwater slopes, rocks, underwater riverbeds, head of capes, and under the bridges.

Take a pole fishing rod with you and head to fish and enjoy Finnish nature and lakeview!

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