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The FAM-trip for tour operators will last three full days. During the trip we will get to know the different services of fishing tourism companies in Eastern Finland. The companies to be presented are part of the project “Quality Fishing Tourism in Eastern Finland”, funded by the LAG Rajupusu Leader ry. The aim of the tour is to showcase the high quality and wide range of fishing tourism services in Eastern Finland. 

The FAM-trip starts in Imatra in South Karelia, from where we will travel via South and North Savo to Joensuu, where the tour ends. The tour will visit ten sites in different parts of Eastern Finland, where a total of 11 companies will be presented.

We will spend about an hour per destination exploring the companies’ services. During the presentation, you will not only get to know the entrepreneurs but also their equipment, various services and the area in which they operate. During most of the visits, there will also be a short visit on the water to see the service and equipment in action. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, it is possible to go fishing with a guide near the accommodation.

We will stay and eat at the premises of the presenting companies. Some meals will also be served on the road at restaurants not part of the project.

Schedule and detailed program:

Preliminary Program

Monday, 6 June. Arrival to Lappeenranta

Check-in Hotel, Meet with the host

Dinner 19:00

Tuesday, 7 June. 

9:00 Pick up at Lappeenranta hotel, transfer to Vuoksen kalastuspuisto

9:45 Meeting in Vuoksen kalastuspuisto

9:45-11:00 Introduction of Fishing and Trips Imatra, and Vuoksen kalastuspuisto. We will explore the fishing park on the shores of Vuoksi and the guided fishing trips in river Vuoksi and lake Saimaa.

11:00-12:00 Lunch at Vuoksen kalastuspuisto

12:00-13:00 Transfer to Puumala Harbor

13.00-14.00 Introduction of PK-Kalamatkat at the shore of Lake Saimaa in idyllic Puumala Harbour. Introduction of the company’s equipment and services.

14.00-15.15 Transfer to Rantasalmi ramp

15.15-16.15 Introduction of Linnasaari Kalastus. Introduction of the company’s equipment and services at the shores of lake Haukivesi.

16.15-16.25 Transfer to Pyyvilän Kartano

16.25-17.45 Dinner in Pyyvilän Kartano

17.45-18.30 Introduction to Pyyvilän Kartano. We will explore the historic and astonishing Pyyvilän Kartano which is located in the middle of wonderful hunting and fishing areas at the shores of Lake Pieni Raudanvesi.

18.30-  Private saunas

Overnight stay in Pyyvilän Kartano

Possibility to go fishing with guide in the evening

Wednesday, 8 June

8.00-8.06 Transfer to breakfast

8.06-8.45 Breakfast in Rinssi Eversti in Rantasalmi (

9.00- 10.40 Transfer to Pieksämäki area ramp

10.40-12.10 Introduction of Hooked Saimaa, and Kalamania. Introduction of the companies´ equipment and services.

12.10-13.10 Lunch in Pieksämäki (

13.10-14.30 Transfer to Vilpola Fishing Lodge  (

14.30-15.30 Introduction of Huuhtajankoski Adventures. Vilpola Fishing Lodge is a headquarter for fishing and hunting holidays in Vesanto. Lodge is located at the shore of lake Niinivesi, where the hosting company Huuhtajankoski Adventures arranges guided fishing trips. Vilpola Fishing Lodge is used for comfortable accommodation and it is also possible to have top quality catering services there.

17.00 Dinner, sauna and outdoor jacuzzi in the evening at Vilpola.

Overnight stay in Vilpola.

Thursday 9 June

8.00-9.00 Breakfast at Vilpola

9.00-9.25 Transfer to Huuhtajankoski rapids, Tervo

9.25-10.00 Introduction of Huuhtajankoski rapids which is meant for private fly fishing groups only. Huuhtajankoski rapids is a stunning and new fly fishing site next to famous Äyskoski rapids. There are also accommodation possibilities on the shore of Huuhtajankoski rapids in the lovely cottage.

10.00-11.00 Transfer to Valkeisenlampi, Kuopio center.

11.00-11.55 Introduction of Kalaopas Finland. Introduction of coarse fishing gear and company´s services

11.55-12.00 Transfer to lunch place

12.00-13.00 Lunch in Kuopio

13.00-13.40 Transfer to Riistavesi

13.40- 14.40 Introduction of Rautaparta on the shore of lake Melavesi. Introduction of equipment (eg. boats and canoes)

14.40-16.10 Transfer to Jokiasema, Joensuu center

16.10-17.10 Introduction of Sisu Fishing on the shore of lake Pyhäselkä and river Pielisjoki. Introduction of equipment and services

17.10-17.45 Dinner in Joensuu

18.13 Train to HELSINKI

More information and signing up for the trip:
Juuso Korhonen, Project Coordinator. – Mobile: +358 440 171756 – Email:
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