Our Values

Our values

The Lakeland Fishing syndicate wants to provide the best possible setting for your fishing trip. Quality service is a matter of honor for us, so we take your wishes and requirements into account as comprehensively as possible. Most of our services can be tailored to your specific needs. The companies in our syndicate are committed to a common quality system to ensure excellence in every part of our business. The quality system is a holistic system, made up of five components.

First-class customer service

Your enjoyment is very important to us and we will do everything we can to ensure that you have a memorable fishing trip!

High quality equipment and gear

The equipment we use is first class and selected according to the fishing service we offer. We use only high quality fishing gear to make fishing as enjoyable as possible.

Sustainable fishing and respect for nature

Respect for fish and nature is a matter of course for us and is reflected in our activities in many ways. We want fish stocks and nature to remain viable in the future. Sustainable fishing includes, among other things, the selection of catches, the ethical handling of fish and compliance with fishing restrictions.

Excellent fishing skills

We are fishing professionals and know where to find the fish at any time of the year. With us, you're very likely to have fish on.

Safety first

Your safety is important to us and safe conditions are the basis of everything we do. Our professional guides will take care of your safety during your trip.