Guided fishing trips in Savo

Kalaopas Finland offers a high quality, leisured, and atmospheric fishing guide services. These services are available to anyone: provided services suits for individuals, families, groups and groups of special need persons such as disabled persons, mentally handicapped persons, and elderly people.

Fishing trips with rowing boat, fishing raft trips for groups, pole fishing with high quality equipment and ice fishing trips provides leisured atmosphere in the nature through the year. We can settle down for campfire to enjoy a lunch and sooty coffee besides fishing.

The main catch in Kalaopas Finland´s trips are pike, perch, zander, ide, and tench. It is also possible to focus on other species if you like.

Entrepreneur in Kalaopas Finland is educated professional in fishing, nature, social, teaching, and tutoring who has worked 20 years with the children, the young and young persons with special needs. Kalaopas Finland has over 40 years of fishing experience in different fishing methods.


“Kalastellaan vuan ee hättäellä”

Experiences and atmosphere with fishing by

Kalaopas Finland – Timo Räsänen