Fishing guide, entrepreneur, and passionate fisherman Teemu Hiltunen arranges professional fishing services in North-Savo. The most popular destinations are Kuopio, Tahko, Lohimaa, Leppävirta and Varkaus cities. I will also come with my boat where the customer is at in each case!

I arrange my services from a boat that has modified especially for spinning and jigging. We fish every targeted species with relevant equipment mostly spinning with lures and jigs. Whether the targeted fish are zander, perch, or pike, everything is possible. We can arrange services for large groups too with multiple boats up to 20 persons.

We also arrange brown trout fly fishing trips in Lohimaa which is a wonderful milieu. There flows picturesque river Äyskoski which is known for its brown trout and grayling. There are two different packages for 5-10 people sized groups:

–Basic (for beginners)

–High-end (for experienced fly fisher)

A fishing guide has an extreme skill to adapt for needs of the group and serve them with eminent expertise. We will get along safely in the trip and have fun too while fishing.

My collaboration with Mercury Pro Guide, Team Lowrance, and Savage Gear Prostaff-sportfishing team guarantees the latest technologies and fishing gear in my boat for clients.