Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto has a long history of fishing tourism. The Wuoksi Fishing Club, founded in 1874 in St. Petersburg, was based at Varpasaari in river Vuoksi, Imatra, where the Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto, established in 1988, now operates. . Our site is located in river Vuoksi, right next to the centre of Imatra. Today Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto serves both tourist fishermen and fishing tourists. Our company offers fishing opportunities for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced fishermen. In addition to the most common fish species, river Vuoksi also contains rarer salmon fish stocks, which are caught in accordance with the restrictions set out in the Fisheries Act. In winter, Vuoksi is known as an excellent ice fishing spot for burbot and perch. Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto also has a so-called angling pool, where you can fish easily from the pier, catching rainbow trout. The catch is prepared according to your wishes. This is a good service for children, people with reduced mobility and others who like easy fishing. The fishing park offers everything from rowing boats to fishing poles for hire. Customer safety is ensured by, among other things, training in the use of the rental equipment and safety instruction, including the use of life jackets.

Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto also serves as a base for the actual fishing tourist, with fishing trips to either river Vuoksi or lake Saimaa. We also provide guide services. The customer is given directions to the best spots and, if necessary, an expert can be arranged to accompany him on a fishing trip. Guided fishing trips are made with our Silver Shark open boat, which is suitable for trolling and angling. Vuoksi Fishing Park is also a great family holiday destination, offering a wide range of services in addition to fishing. A restaurant, camping, mountain bike rental, water bikes, SUP boards, a wakepark track, a sauna for hire and a cruise on board the Vuoksetar are among the services offered by the Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto. You can also book a sauna board for an exotic sauna experience. You can also try river Vuoksi floating. In addition to the services in the Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto, we also rent villa accommodation on lake Saimaa in Mietinsaari island. The destination is also accessible by car, making it suitable for family holidays, for example. The “Bear’s Nest” villa also serves as a break and night spot for guided fishing trips throughout the year.
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