Sisu Fishing arranges fishing services by professionals for all levels of anglers in North Karelia. We organize a wide range of summer and winter fishing trips and fishing courses for adults and young people alike. Our activities focus on large lakes such as lake Höytiäinen, lake Pielinen and lake Pyhäselkä. Our services include, among other things, trolling, angling and ice fishing.

In addition to fishing services, we organise island trips in North Karelia. For example, lake Höytiäinen’s diverse archipelago includes barren rocky and rocky islands, beautiful, elongated ridge islands, fish ponds and islands with lush deciduous forests. What makes the archipelago unique are the double-layered islands created by the large lake Höytiäinen estuary. There is plenty to see and do in the waters and archipelago of Höytiäinen for the whole family.

Whether you are a passionate fishing enthusiast or a beginner,

we offer the right setting and expert guidance for a memorable fishing trip. We also offer other services such as island trips, nature dining and hiking. Our services can be tailored to your wishes.